My stay at Lamai Fitness was a life changing experience. I initially visited with the intentions of staying for 2 weeks but quickly made the decision to stay for a month. When I showed up I thought I was in fairly decent shape, however it was nothing in comparison to how I was when I left. I went from struggling to complete view point runs to smashing out 13km sprints. I trained with Caroline for most of my stay, who was incredible. She pushed me to my limits, consulted me on diet, eating clean. For the first time I feel I achieved a healthy view on body image, and diet and the purpose of exercising. I truly did be come better, faster and stronger and strive to continue to do so. Can’t wait to go back!
Madison Maidment

Easy ; peaceful ; lots of time for reading the Bible ; meditation most mornings….😂

Nope that is not what it’s like.!.

I spent the month of September training with Master Billy. Before I arrived my lifestyle was not healthy. From day one Billy took me under his wing and taught me how to make smart decisions when it came to food and to enjoy the food I was eating.

My training at Lamai Fitness was never easy but always had me coming back for more. Don’t get me wrong this was tough and at times I wanted to leave but the experience was worth all the pain.(I lost 10.5kg)

If your into your fitness and up for a challenge I would highly recommend Lamai Fitness. It’s a fun place to train and the people and facilities are amazing. It definitely is paradise.

It has changed my life for the better and I will definitely be back again.

Thanks Lamai Fitness 😉.

Hugh McEntree

If you want to get fit in record time in a superb atmosphere, surrounded by great people and with great trainers around to help you out, this is your place to go on Koh Samui. Results are guaranteed.

I really had lots of fun training there during my stay on the island. After just a couple of days of training with Mike and the crew I was already feeling much better. The retreat also helped me to get back the discipline and motivation I was missing and on top of that I met some amazing people.

Oleg Korol

Absolutely life changing. Over the past 8 weeks, I have seen a number of Billy’s training clients come and go, many of them achieving almost unbelievable transformations. One young lad, rather overweight to say the least, lost over 16kg in 8 weeks. Others lost more. Another girl completely transformed her body shape from average skinny-fat to beach-bod spec within the space of 4 weeks. As for myself, I got exactly what I came for. Having spent at least 15 years in and out of various gyms, struggling to put on lean muscle mass, I finally achieved what I always knew should be possible but never managed to realise, all in the space of 8 weeks. Sounds crazy, but the results speak for themselves. So thank you very much indeed Billy Orr. You’re changing lives 🙂
Joe Clough

My Lamai Fitness journey started in 2016.
I have always tried to keep fit and healthy and was looking for somewhere to have an active holiday when a college recommended I go to Lamai Fitness. My first trip to Lamai was short but certainly met all my expectations leaving me feeling healthy, confident and strong after just 10 days.
After a year or so of traveling and working abroad I had let my weight get away from me and my fitness level had dropped well below my normal standard. I decided it was time to get back on track and Lamia Fitness was the best place to do it. When I arrived I was greeted by Caroline and introduced to my new Lamia fitness family.
Day 1 workout, VEIW POINTS !!! Let’s just say this may have been the hardest session of my life! I was seriously way more out of shape then I had realised and it was a struggle! During the following days I struggled through the morning cardio, barley making the 8km runs, and was exhausted by the evening sessions.
At the end of the first week a group of us entered into a local Koh Samui 10km charity run.
After just a week I could already see a huge improvement in my fitness level.
During the following weeks I participated in every Challenge thrown at me. Including completing an iron man in 3 day , running 100km over 6 days and progressing into advanced level strength training. After 8 weeks it was time to say goodbye but i wasn’t sad to leave because i knew after a short trip home I would be returning to train with the Lamia fitness team for the 100 North Face  Challenge. (id entered into the 25k trail.)
On my return home i completed my first half marathon trail run and continued to train hard in preparation for the BIG RUN, I had also now somehow been convinced to upgrade my entry to the 50km trail.
I returned to train with the Lamia Fitness team a few weeks before the North Face run. Hitting the beautiful local Koh Samui trails and smashing out big distance runs. Before we knew it it was the big day.
Going into the run my only expectation was to complete the distance. Knowing that the Lamai Fitness community back at camp was waiting to find out our results was a huge push and motivation through out the run. Thanks to the training and coaching for the months in lead up and support from the from Billy Dan and Caroline on the day, not only did i complete the distance I came across the finish line in 4th place! The feeling of accomplishment knowing how far id come since arriving at Lamai Fitness is a little overwhelming and to say I’m proud of my achievement is an understatement.
Leaving Koh Samui isn’t leaving Lamai Fitness. Im so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful community. The ongoing support and encouragement from  Billy, Caroline and the Lamai Fitness family keeps me motivated and excited to stay on track to continue entering marathon and trail runs.
Hannah Lake

Perfect home for vacation. All Healthy, fitness, Super food, relax and REPEAT. This is one of the best vacations we had. People around make it possible. Sure we will keep coming again to Lamai Fitness.

Good Training, Quality Vegan and Organic Food, Amazing detox Juices. Surely will recommend to all my friends.

It is going to be great start of 2017 for me and my Son. Unforgettable time with my Son for the last 10 days!! Hard to leave this place!

Raghuprakash Ramaraj

I wasn’t expecting to get in shape and lose weight while on holiday in Thailand but that is exactly what happened. I have struggled with my weight and fitness level for a long time. I have tried all kinds of diets and exercise programs. None of them had more than temporary results. I found Billy Orr’s gym Lamai Fitness while traveling in Thailand. The run, bike and swim training is what caught my eye. I was a competitive swimmer through high school and I have always had an interest in triathlons. I could tell right away from the energy in his return email that this was going to be a good fit for me. I showed up weighing 120kg and I was barely able to run the 1.7k near the gym.

Right away what worked for me is that I was in a group of people with varying abilities and I was challenged by the workouts. In fact at first I was frustrated because the workouts didn’t seem possible. I just wanted to be able to complete one of the strength training workouts and what got me through was being supported by the other people I was training with and Billy Orr’s amazing motivating energy. After a week I was closer to finishing the workouts and my running and biking was improving and after three weeks I was signing up for three more weeks. I was not only losing weight, I was becoming physically fit again. I started to realize that this was the beginning of a lifestyle change. I wanted to continue to get better at running, biking, swimming and the strength training workouts. I started eating a clean food diet and I really liked how it made me feel. Billy mentioned to me about signing up for the Ironman 70.3 in Phuket Thailand and at first it didn’t seem possible. Then, I thought about how far I had come. I had lost over 10kg, I did a 4k swim, I biked 50k around the island and I could now run 21k. Plus I had the support of the friends that I had made at Lamai Fitness and Billy’s motivation and support. An Ironman 70.3 suddenly didn’t seem that out of reach.

The Ironman was an amazing experience. I had worked hard to be there and I felt proud of my accomplishment. I took Billy’s advice and looked around, laughed and took it all in, truly one of the best moments of my life. I didn’t ever think I would ever compete in an event as large as an Ironman. Now I can’t wait until I do the next one!

James USA

I came accross Lamai Fitness by chance 5 years ago looking for fitness break, little did I know I’d be back more than 10 times – it really is THAT good! And it’s consistently the best / hardest / most satisfying training I’ve ever had. I train with Billy who knows just how, and just how hard to push you. I always leave feeling invincible! Billy keeps things interesting, and challenging, he really knows his stuff. He manages to be supportive, but tough on you at the same time, and whatever fitness level I come at, he always manages to bring back to my best. I LOVE this place.
Lisan - Shanghai

Just finished my first 4 week stay at Lamai Fitness. As already stated by many others, Billy is just that excellent trainer that will do his best to help you reach your goals. Cardio training in the morning (Run in jungle, cycling the island or swimming at beach minutes away) and weights in the evening training different parts of your body each day just gave me that kick I always wanted. Combined with detox and if you follow the food plan advised by Billy you simply get results quickly in my experience. At first I wanted to stay at another resort nearby, but Billy urged me to stay at the Lamai Fitness resort, so I ended up doing that. Didn’t regret that for an instant – very nice accommodation with a nice swimming pool just next to the gym, healthy café, beach etc., together with all the others on the same program which makes it easy to develop friendships and bonds to everybody doing the same as yourself. And with the refurbishment finishing December this year it can only get even better. Ended up finishing my four weeks with a half marathon on the mainland and a 70km bicycle round-trip on Samui with Billy and having lost 4% body fat. Thumbs up for Billy and the team at Lamai Fitness. I will be back as soon as possible
Lasse - Denmark

When I came to stay at Lamai Fitness in Koh Samui Thailand I was overweight and on high blood pressure medication, now Im not on any medication. I was looking to change my life and I did it with the help of Billy Orr and his team at Lamai Fitness. After spending 6 weeks at the resort, swimming, cycling, running, yoga and weight training I lost close to 20kg’s and completed an Ironman event in Phuket! I cant believe it, I feel great!

When I started biking at the resort we would do a 30km ride which I thought was a long ride, ended up doing a 90km bike race in the Phuket 70.3 ironman and did pretty good with only 5 weeks of training. It didn’t even cross my mind that I would be participating in an Ironman when I came to the resort. I was having lunch with Simon Agoston and he thought it would be a good idea and a few days later I was training for an ironman. It was exciting having a goal, it pushed me harder during training. Koh Samui is awesome for road bike training, there are great routes around the island, if you want scenic they have it, if you want hills they have it. Once I was signed up for ironman things were a little different, I had a goal. Billy started me out on hill climbs on a mountain bike and then I moved onto the road bike and started biking around the island. We would go out with Billy on a 70km spin around the island. I use to think 50-60km was far now I think of it as not far enough. After a long ride come back and sit in the ice bath to help recover quicker. In the evening we would do weights in the gym with lots of core exercises. The next day first thing in the morning we are back on our bikes cycling around the island going different routes, my cycling was drastically improving to my surprise and relief since I was going to be racing in just a couple of weeks. I was part of a relay team. Simon was doing the 2km swim, I was doing the 90km bike and Steve was doing the 21km run. Simon is a professional tri-athlete, he told me he would get me out on the bike in front of the pack and my only job was to not lose my position, lol. He did his swim in just over 24 minutes so I was out in front racing with the pros. I did what I trained for and that was to keep moving my legs and keep an average around 30km/hr. My time for the race was 3 hours and 8 minutes, which was 19th in my division, not bad for a guy who just started training 5 weeks before. It was awesome coming in from the bike and then handing over the timing bracelet to my runner Steve who did an awesome job on the run and kept his pace over the entire run. When he crossed the finish line it was a great feeling of accomplishment and we could finally celebrate. The beer(s) felt pretty good after that! The whole experience was awesome; Billy drove from Koh Samui to Phuket. We all stayed in the same hotel, did some pre-race rides in the days before the race, went out for diners…lots of laughs and good times.

When I started running at the resort my knees and back hurt, a week and half later my knees stopped hurting, I was running further and it just keeps building and all of a sudden I was finding myself running with no pain. Its amazing how much carrying the extra weight affects you.

I cant believe this place exists, the only downfall is that none of my clothes fit anymore and I have to buy new clothes. The training facility is unbelievable, open water swimming at Lamai beach, Buddah hike, biking around the island of Koh Samui taking side roads that go along the fishing villages, jungle runs. Stopping for coffee on long bike rides. Onsite gym facility, cross fit, mai thai, running courses. Beach workouts. If you want your life back this is the place to get it. Not only to slim down but getting fit. My resting heartbeat was around 70-72 before I started and when I left it was 56 beats per minute. That means my heart doesn’t have to work as hard .

Now that im back home im motivated keep it going with new goals in life that I never thought I could attain like doing other Ironmans both locally and around the world are now on my radar.

Its crazy that in only 6 weeks I lost nearly 20 kg’s (40lbs), my 3 year old son could not pick me out of a picture. I looked like a completely different person.

If you put in the effort you will get the results. There are some ups and downs during the whole process but I guarantee you will end on a high!


Dean - Canada

I was 300lbs/142kgs. Down and out. Stuck in bed most of the day sick. Lost my will and motivation. And then one day I had an epiphany. And I went online for some reason probably because this was my last chance to fight for my life. And but luck, I stumbled across Billy at Lamai Fitness. I had looked at 10 other places and he was the only one who heard my story, replied to me, and said he has my back, don’t worry and just get myself there. So, I someone managed to make my way to Koh Samui to find Lamai Fitness and Billy. So, they day I got there I was standing outside watching this fit, happy, confident man (BIlly) training people in the gym. I was scared and didn’t want to go in. I sat outside on the street curb for over an hour hiding and watching. And then I started a conversation with one of Billy’s students and he talk me into going in and not to be scared. I had not moved out of my room or bed for 4 years leading up to this. So, I walked in, said hi to Billy and so it began. He welcomed me, shook my hand, patted me on the shoulder and said welcome to the beginning of your life. From then on he devoted his time for 4 hours a day to me, and really took me in. We fought, I cried, I cursed, I wish bad things on Billy some days (LOL. Billy professionalism and kindness made him able to manage someone like myself at that time. And now, 42kgs down I have a life. I am fit, active, on sports teams, going out, meeting woman and feeling great.

He took me from 300lbs and somewhere very dark and gloomy to having a life. I stayed for many many months. But even just a one week or two week quicky is great. But best is 2 or more months if you can do it. That is when the real life changing changes happen. I may sound dramatic and you may think I am exaggerating, but this is my story. This is what happened. And I will never forget Billy and Lamai Fitness for saving my life literally. Love all you guys there. And please less I forget, there is a great team of people around Billy with hearts as good as gold.

Ross - USA

December 9, 2016

I spent a month at Lamai Ftiness.  I had a great experience here and lost 20kg over the 4 weeks. The workouts were a varied mix of crossfit, walking/running in the hills, ocean swimming, cycling… During the day the beach is a few minutes walk away for some holiday relaxation. Billy was a fantastic motivator and his support over my time there was second to none. I would highly recommend a trip here for a healthy holiday and fitness kickstart.
Marie - Australia