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Burn body fat and build muscle & strength taking your body to its next level in fitness. GET FIT FAST brings your body back to how you remembered at your best, we can take you a step further to all the goals your looking for. Fast training lots of work, burning muscles and increasing cardio every day – one to jump in at the deep end – this is for you – perfect to kick start your fitness for continued goals or join our team for their next event – working and training with our coaches leaving you sweating and wanting more. Unlimited classes all day ranging from mountain runs, pool swims, bike rides, strength classes, weight sessions, spin classes and why not try the Brazilian jujitsu.


Clean eating and exercise will shed these kilos and push your body to an incredible change. Past results include clients losing up to 20 kg in a month, average is over 10 kg following the program – hard work and dedication with the right mind set will get you want you want in a month. Our coaches have worked on the Biggest Loser and now how to deal with stress the body will incur over the first few weeks. All inclusive access to the classes including the air conditioning gym with treadmills to get you started for the jungle hikes int he heat. A list of classes is available everyday with your mentor who will work with you and oversee your training progress daily. Your stats will be taken when your arrive and weekly to help your learn about your body – we continue your work with you when you leave and encourage you to sign up to small events in your home country.


Turn it around and head for one of the biggest achievements of all time an Ironman or any triathlon medal. Learn to swim in our ocean or 20 meter pool,  run in our beautiful jungle and bike with us on the mainland. Working daily with your technique and strength & conditioning classes – get a final burnout in the spin classes. A very addictive sport and a complete lifestyle change that will keep you entertained for years with – we have all the facilities here in Koh Samui. There is also online coaching before an event to get you started.

Amazing weightloss and fitness gym. Thanks to Billy Orr the owner I changed my whole outlook on fitness and food. I lost 20 lbs in four weeks and went from barley finishing a 2 kilometers run 6 months ago to training to compete in a 70.3 Ironman (2k swim, 90k bike and 21k run,) something i would have never thought possible. The four weeks I had with Billy Orr gave me the tools to continue training and eating better after I left. A life changing experience!

James Gual

May 2, 2017

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"We Guarantee Results – We’d prefer to have 6-8 members that we can focus on (to literally change their lives in many cases), rather than 100 members that just come in and use the machines." email: LAMAIFITNESS@HOTMAIL.COM