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Lamai Fitness with 13 Years off Proven Results Koh Samui No.1 Fitness Retreat! – We pride ourselves on being the longest serving bootcamp and fitness facilities on Koh Samui with return clients every year – non stop care with professional qualified coaches that will be your trainer and mentor throughout your stay – Situated on the tropical island of Koh Samui on beautiful Lamai Beach known as one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, created and managed to have a place to achieve goals and change lifestyles. Why not take a break from the stress of a job career, bad lifestyle or just a run of bad run of luck. All levels, nationalitys and ages welcome.

Its as easy as choosing a package and we set up your goals – prices from 7000 THB per week

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Our style training has proven a great success. Coaches has worked on the Biggest Loser Asia TV reality show and can easily drop weight from any individual, regaining their confidence and fitness and starting a new life ! Meet Billy & his team running the longest Samui Fitness Retreat in Thailand and most succesful ongoing and aftercare programs.

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Lamai Fitness and Koh Fit unite to bring Koh Samui the Ultimate in High Performance Training sessions. If you consider yourself fit and can run 5km in under 29 mins this is the program for you.. Fast training & lots of work, burning fat, gaining muscles and increasing cardio every day. If you are one to jump in at the deep end this is for you. Kick start your morning with a strong cardio session followed by yoga/stretch and cross training. Afternoon strength sessions or Muay Thai with evening circuit classes Monday to Friday. Working and training with our professional coaches leaving you sweating and wanting more. Push yourself to your limits and join us on morning hikes, beach workouts, running clubs and swimming. This package has been put together in a great way, allowing you to train and socialize with a group of like minded goal setting friends from around the world. Samui Fitness Friends always stay in touch and return year after year.

MONDAY – 06:30 8-13 km Jungle Run – 09:15 Yoga – 16:00 S&C  TUESDAY – 09:15 Yoga – 10:15 Cross Training – 15:00 Muay Thai – 19:00 Tabbata  WEDNESDAY – 06:30 (Soi1 Trail Run)  – 09:15 Yoga – 10:15 Spartan – 16:00 S&C  THURSDAY – 09:15 Yoga – 10:15 Cross Training – 15:00 Muay Thai – 19:00 Met Con  FRIDAY – 06:30 Swimming – 09:15 Yoga – 16:00 S&C  SATURDAY – 06:30 Buddha Trek / Beach Circuit


Clean eating and exercise will shed these kilos and push your body to an incredible change. You wont be alone. Hard work and dedication with the right mind set will get you want you want. Billy has coached on The Biggest Loser Asia TV Show, getting amazing results ; the program is all set in place ! – Nai his student losing 64 kg and coming 2nd place overall. Morning and Evening group classes for every level to get you started ; Your program will include ; A mentor who will work with you and oversee your training and nutrition progress and goals, stats taken when your arrive and monitored weekly to help your learn about your body. Detox Flush, Carnitine weight loss supplement, Detox 1st week Menu, all Fitness Classes ( MuayThai, Tabatha, Yoga, Spin, Cross Training, Strength & Conditioning + Hikes & Swims), 1 x weekly Private Session with Billy, Airport Transfers, Nutritional Consultation, 3 Healthy Meals a day. This amazing and proven program gets results and is fully loaded with classes all day.


Swimming, Biking and Running three great principals to learn. Turn it around and head for one of the biggest achievements of all time a half or full Ironman, sprint triathlon or run. Start training for any smaller distances and events that we do. A very addictive sport and a complete lifestyle change that will keep you entertained for years. There is also online coaching before an event to get you started and aftercare. As the name suggests an IronMan 70.3 is the ultimate challenge, even the fittest amongst us would rarely swim 1.9km, Cycling 90km or Run 21km. But to do them all together its a challenge maybe your looking for ? In August a group normal guys or LAYMEN as we like to call it , become IRONMEN, with just 6 months training. Not only did the last group all totally change their body shapes, losing over 12kgs each (with one loosing 20kgs), they got to join the elite club of people who can say they are an IRONMAN.


Are you consumed by your career and a slave to the rat race? Are you experiencing Low energy, less creativity and missing your motivational drive? Are you ready to turn your life around and start winning again? ESCAPE is a individually engineered, one on one program, designed with your goals and outcomes in mind. Regain your confidence, super-charge your fitness, sculpt a new body shape, revive your libido and create an iron-mindset that is going to carry your forward to the best results of your life. Take a moment and ask yourself, who is driving my bus? Am I creating the health, relationships, connection, love and wealth that I really want? Or are all the toxic western pressures becoming too much? When would now be the best time to consider your options?

Sample Week ; Assessment / Face Time to discuss weeks activities and schedule to include ; 5 x Group Session to include Yoga, Strength, Muay Thai, Canoeing, Hikes / Cardio, Mountain Biking, Swim Coaching.; 5 x Personal Training Gym Sessions with Billy – Evening Visit to the Steam Room; 2 x Set Lunch – Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance + Goal Setting + Whats Ap Communication


Working with the world foreknown Training Peaks Coach Billy has become an affiliated coach now expanding his knowledge online ensuring his clients and athletes get peak performance all year round. Beginners wanting to start a 10 k run or first triathlon will benefit off the slow build up in fitness and performance over time with planned daily schedules. Choose an event and let Billy plan your weekly program all via Training Peaks and What-sap communication.. Mobility, Endurance, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Triathlon, Swimming, Biking, Running, Nutrition, Rehabilitation and Injury’s, Discovery Plans, Goal Event Setting, all giving you accountability to be the best you can – send Coach Billy an email or What-sap for a free 14 day Training Peaks Trial.


Billy Orr manages and trains a roster of experts across the wellness industry on Koh Samui categories like Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Martial Art Ajan’s, Pilates, Cupping & Massage Therapists. His 6 star Resort Retreats are world class, first class facilities and staff tailored to his and your fitness requirments. Billy Orr’s well known for his experience in coaching VIP international clients and athletes to achieve their best. We have the most amazing beach side villas with Private Chefs, World Class Gym and facilities, maids and massage therapists.

Sample Morning ; 6.00 am Juice & Fruit Early Risers – 6.30 am Choice of Yin Yoga, Hike or Swim Coaching – 7.00 am Breakfast – 9.00 am Guided Meditation or Nutrition workshops – 10.30 am Combat Cardio ( Muaythai or Krav Maga ) Sample Afternoons ; 12.00 pm Lunch – 3.00 pm TRX Total Body or HIT Training / Choice of PT Session 6.00 pm onward Massage and Evening Meal

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We run weekly and monthly weight loss and fitness packages to suit your goals and needs! Our monthly program will totally turn your life around and we guarantee 100% that you will leave fitness friends for life… We are all here wanting the same goal!

Fitness Retreats on Koh Samui are very popular, mainly because you have time to train but can also enjoy your holiday with lots of time for recovery on the beach. We guarantee results, help you to change habits, build lean muscle, strip any excess fat and increase strength, power & flexibility whilst learning new techniques to continue with – our packages are individual or could be mixed the choice is yours.

Your program will vary and can include Yoga, Weights, CrossTraining, Muaythai, Nutritional Advice & Meals onsite, Strength & Conditioning, Triathlon Training, Beach Workouts, Tropical Runs & Hikes, Swimming and Mountain Biking and a lot of extra surprises along the way !

Lamai Fitness is Thailand’s no.1 training camp for weight loss, strength, fitness, life coaching, bootcamps and events.

Lamai Fitness has proven results to be Thailand’s most successful weight loss place to be ! Still keeping our personal touch and putting your training always directly with the owners and creators of Koh Samui’s first, original and best fitness camp!