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Welcome to Lamai Fitness

Lamai Fitness is situated on the tropical island of Koh Samui known as one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, created and managed to have a place to achieve goals and change lifestyles. Why not take a break from the stress of a job career, bad lifestyle or just a run of bad run of luck.

Its as easy as choosing a package and we will give you the best training price – lets us no your dates and email or whatsap us !

Our style training has proven a great success. Coaches has worked on the Biggest Loser Asia TV reality show and can easily drop weight from any person following his guidelines, regaining their confidence and fitness and starting a new life! Also working on the Muaythai Tv Show The Challenger working with professional athletes.

Here are some of our Packages

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Burn Calories and Create Muscle & Strength. Get Fit Fast brings your body back to how you remembered at your best, we can take you a step further to all the goals your looking for. Fast training lots of work, burning muscles and increasing cardio every day – one to jump in at the deep end – this is for you – perfect to kick start your fitness for continued goals or join our team for their next event


Strict clean eating and exercise will shed this pounds and push your body to an incredible change ! Past results include clients losing up to 20kg in a month, the least 10kg – hard work and dedication with the right mind set will get you want you want in a month, our coaches have worked on the Biggest Loser and now how to deal with stress the body will incur over the first few weeks.


Turn it around and head for one of the biggest achievements of an all time a Ironman or Triathlon Medal. Train under the watchful eye off Head Coach Billy Orr. Learn to swim run and bike with us and build up your technique and fitness. A very addictive sport and a complete lifestyle change that will keep you entertained for years with – we have bikes, running treks and the ocean and pool for all your training.


Mint conditioning – if you’re looking for extreme conditioning or you just want to attain larger and leaner muscles then our drill instructor Monty Crooke (certified REPS 3) is your guy. Should you wish to go beyond the unconquerable (The Echelon) will take you into the unknown.


We run weekly and monthly weight loss and fitness packages to suit your goals and needs! Our monthly program will totally turn your life around and we guarantee 100% that you will leave fitness friends for life… We are all here wanting the same goal!

Fitness on Koh Samui is both very popular, mainly because you have time to train but can also enjoy your holiday with lots of time for recovery on the beach. We can help you to lose weight, build lean muscle, strip any excess fat, or increase strength, power & flexibility whilst learning new techniques to continue with – our packages are individual or could be mixed the choice is yours.

We have gym facilities and packages and can recommend accommodation, your program will vary and can include Circuit Training, Nutritional Advice, Strength & Conditioning, Triathlon Training, Beach Workouts, Tropical Runs & Hikes, Swimming and Mountain Biking ! Muay Thai, Weight Training and a lot of extra surprises along the way !

We have kettle bells, muscle up rings, undulation ropes, step boxes, 20kg bars, life fitness machinery and a ton of weights. Lamai Fitness is Thailand’s no.1 training camp for weight loss, strength, fitness, life coaching, and events.

Lamai Fitness has proven results to be Thailand’s most successful weight loss place to be ! Still keeping our personal touch and putting your training always directly with the owners and creators of Koh Samui’s first, original and best fitness camp!

Opening Hours

Monday 7.00am to 7.00pm
Tuesday 7.00am to 7.00pm
Wednesday 7.00am to 7.00pm
Thursday 7.00am to 7.00pm
Friday 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday 7.00am to 7.00pm



"We Guarantee Results – We’d prefer to have 6-8 members that we can focus on (to literally change their lives in many cases), rather than 100 members that just come in and use the machines." email: LAMAIFITNESS@HOTMAIL.COM